Sunday 23 January 2011

Jesucristo Superstar

Ópera rock de Andrew Lloyd Webber y Tim Rice en El Teatro Calderón de la Barca, Motril con Asociación Cultural y de Tiempo libre "Fuente del Avellano" y el coro "Sur de Granada"

Sábado 22 Enero 2011

Saturday 15 January 2011

El Rio Trevelez

A touch of Iain (Ferreirola) ....

El Rio Trevelez awakes from its long siesta
leaps from its bed foul mouthed, snarling and hissing
straightway unleashes its wild slavering dogs
to hurtle along once tranquil tributaries
repossessing ancient territory
eyes fixed only on the known end point
casually massacring anything between them
and the resumption of the old order

we stand bewildered by such a transformation
smiles frozen on our faces
in awe of its certainty
its lack of hesitation or indecision
it has been planning this so long
shifting and sighing in its sleep
dreaming of power and revenge
aroused by the sense of its strength
enraged by our weakness
hiding in its depths savage desires
its flickering eyes and gentle breathing
jekyll-like tricked us into a vision
of an enduring world that never endures

we are merely spectators to a show of menacing force
in the face of such brutal commitment
we can only acknowledge our irrelevance
the streams join together in a pack
an army now drunk and dangerous and moving fast
unchallenged they go where they like
do what they like
we are at their mercy
awaiting a visit in the night
our houses to be rearranged as tombs of rubble

O mighty river we are your suppliants
we bow down before your majesty
we will remember for ever it is your land
and we are subjects
let us lead you back to your soft bed
we will let you lie how you will
we will ply you with rioja and exotic tapas
we will scatter almond and cherry blossom on your face
and we will rock you back to sleep
O rio grande the conscious world is not your element
return to your life of dark ease
and the ceaseless sensual delirium of imagined violence
there are crueler rivers and oceans than thou
O gentle Rio Trevelez.